Later Seleucid versus Roman

Field of Glory Battle Report: A four player game at the home of one of our members which pitted a Later Seleucid army against their Roman rivals. This battle was played on 2nd February 2009.


The Seleucid army looked resplendant as they formed up in battle array. The massed ranks of pike looked formidable. The Argyraspids, known as "silver shields", were the elite force of heavy infantry. A pair of elephants worried the Romans as did the heavily armoured cataphracts. 

The Seleucid and Roman armies advanced towards each other. The Roman left flank consisted of both heavy and light cavalry. They rushed forward to stop a rapid advance of the cataphracts and then fell back slowly to avoid contact. By refusing this flank, the Romans were hoping to win on their right, where they were stronger.

On the left flank the Roman cavalry could no longer fall back far enough from the oncoming cataphracts and elephants. Rather than being caught, they bravely charged the elephants. The elephants took casualties in the impact phase. Shortly afterwards this caused the remaining elephant base to rout and disappear into the distance.

In the centre the battle at first swung to and fro. But as the battle continued the greater numbers of the legionaries were able to overcome the pike phalanx. 

On the right of the river, the Romans were gaining the upper hand in their centre and right. The light cavalry on the far right routed their opposition. This allowed them to swing in and attack the rear of the cataphracts who were busily engaged with the Roman right wing cavalry. The threat on the rear was enough to break the cataphracts and they ceased to be an effective fighting force.

With the Romans winning in most areas and no time for the Seleucids to bring their unengaged units into the fray, the Seleucids called it a day.