World War 2 covers the conflict from 1939 to 1945. Battles cover Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Atlantic and the Pacific.

World War 2 - Photo Gallery

World War 2 photo gallery for miscellaneous photos.


German Vehicles - General

Photo gallery of German fighting vehicles from World War 2.


Russian Vehicles - General

Photo gallery of Russian vehicles from World War 2.


World War 2 - One Rule Too Many

One of the difficulties that wargamers face when selecting an appropriate set of rules for World War 2 is that there are almost too many to choose from. The wargamer is spoilt for choice.

The large amount of information available from this period has contributed to this situation. Each source has a different opinion about tactics, army organisation and capability of different equipment.

Whilst difficult enough at times to get agreement on factual information about equipment, it is impossible to get consensus on opinions about troops quality of different nationalities. 


German Vehicles - Jagdpanther Sdkfz 173

The Jagdpanther was originally conceived as a replacement for the Nashorn, as this vehicle was not a great success due to it's poor armour protection, high silhouette and only moderate reliability (due to the weight of the gun on the overworked chassis/powertrain.)


German Vehicles - StuG III

I take great pleasure in writing this article. This vehicle is one of my favourites and also was one of the most important of the German AFV's of World War Two.

The StuG III was a common self propelled gun which first saw action in France during the 1940 campaign.


World War 2 - Vehicle Painting Guide 1

So you've made the step and decided to paint that Armoured Fighting Vehicle (or group of said vehicles). It is important to follow a number of simple steps. These will ensure you will have a successful and accurate conclusion to the work you have done, making your model.

Compiled and updated by Stephen White from original work by Dale Murdoch.