Games 2011 6-Aug-11

110806games11js001sGAMES 2011, NWA's annual exhibition was held on Saturday 6th August at our Croydon venue. The latest issue of the club magazine, The Armchair General, was released. It will also be available at the next few club meetings. It includes a free wargame to copy, cut out the counters and play. 

Great games such as 1st Battle of Bull Run/Manassas (American Civil War), Stalingrad 1949 (Secrets of the 3rd Reich), Crete 1941 (Flames of War), Battle of Cheriton Wood (English Civil War), Helm's Deep (Lord of the Rings), Are You as Brave as Major McElwee (CrossFire), Battle of Redinha (Napoleonics), Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Field of Glory, Magic The Gathering plus traders, raffles, food and soft drinks.

GAMES 2011 was a great success and enjoyed by our many visitors. Have a look below at the displays that were on offer this year. Here is a view of the main hall, but we also had displays and traders in the top room, the stae and the back room as well.

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American Civil War - 1st Battle of Bull Run / 1st Battle of Manassas. 150th anniversary of the early battle in the civil war. This demonstration game was voted best display:

Secrets of the 3rd Reich: Stalingrad 1949. This display narrowly came second for best table:

Flames of War - Crete 1949. Voted third best table, this commemorated the 70th anniversary of the paratroop invasion of Crete. There was plenty of aircraft adding to the action of the ground troops:

English Civil War - Hopton versus Waller - The Battle of Cheriton Wood. Honourable mention. Dashing cavalry and push of pike resulted in a very close battle. The outcome was not obvius right until the last turn, late in the afternoon, resulting in a narrow victory to the Royalists:

Lord of the Rings - Helm's Deep. Honourable mention. The Uruk-hai have laid siege to the mighty fortress of Helm's Deep. The once good Saruman the wizard is trying to gain the One Ring of power for himself. He has fallen under the spell of the evil Sauron and is trying to wipe out the Kingdom of Rohan:

Crossifre - Are you as brave as Major McElwee. Honourable mention. Based on real events in 1944, this skirmish wargame is different to many other rules - it uses no measurements and no fixed turns. Maintaining initiative is paramount:

World War 2 - Syria 1941. 70th anniversary. Using the Book of Armament rules, Australian troops are part of the allied forces that have invaded Syria to stop the Germans using it as a secret staging post for a war on Iraq:

World War 2 - Eastern Front 1941 (Russia). 70th anniversary. Also using the Book of Armament rules and the largest collection of doormats I have seen (they make great wheatfields). The Germans are trying to drive the Russians back past Moscow in the early staes of their Russian campaign. But it was to prove a lot harder than the heady victories of the early weeks indicated:

Napoleonics - Battle of Redinha 1811. 200th anniversary of this rearguard action using Cold Steel rules. Marshal Ney attempts to protect the withdrawal of Massena's army from the pursuing Anglo-Portuguese army:

Napoleonics - Battle of Barossa 1811. 200th anniversary of another battle in the Peninsular War, this time in the south of Spain. Using the Black Powder rules:

Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Plenty of action in this fantasy battle:

DBA - Fast play rules for ancient and medieval wargames. Using only 12 bases per side, it is quick to put together an army from these periods:

Field of Glory (FOG) - Battle of Ctesiphon 363AD. More detailed rules for larger battles in ancient and medieval times. This battle was between the Romans and the Sassanid Persians:

Magic The Gathering card game. This popular card game represents a duel between wizards who create powerful monsters and spells to outdo one another:

Traders at the show included Sparrow Castings, Wargame Miniatures, Olympian Games (from Canberra), Eureka Miniatures, Battlefield Accessories, Little Soldiers (from Adelaide) and Haynes Games. Plenty of variety and bargains to be had for wargaming needs:

Games 2011 was organised by John Shaw. Here are just some of the myriad of helpers that helped John Shaw make Games 2011 possible. Special mention to Mike Goldyn, Tony Forster, Stephen White, Richard Gorringe, Glynnis, Robin Peat and Mark Moncrieff. The rest are too many to name, but thanks to all of you: