Aztec Army

061124thebigman2The Aztecs of the Americas are an exotic army. With Jaguar masks and colourful plumes, they make an interesting addition to any DBA table. Tom Brakeshows off his Aztec force for DBA.

Aztec (1325AD - 1521AD) List IV #63.

I liked the idea of a colourful, exotic army that didn’t require horses to be painted. The army is a mixture of mainly Gladiator and some Essex figures. All options for this DBA army have been painted and based.

For reference material I relied heavily on Osprey’s Men at Arms "Aztec, Mixtec and Zapotec armies”, “Aztec warrior 1325-1521” and I actually managed to get a copy of the “Codex Mendoza”. All of these gave me the basis for painting up my army, even to the extent of copying some of the colour plates.

Above. Colourful Aztec warriors.

1 x 4Bd (General) – General, standard bearer, conche blower and drummer.

1 x 4Wb – Cuachic shock troops.

2 x 4Bd – Suit wearers (jaguar knights).

6 x 5Wb – Clan warriors, variety of clothing and weapons.

1 x 2Ps – Slingers.

1 x 3Wb – Otomi mercenary warriors.

1 x 4Bw – Tlaxcalan mercenary archers.

1 x 2Ps – Bowmen Camp – Porters on the move, carrying provisions to keep the warriors supplied for the next encounter.

Above. The Aztec host.

Above. Aztecs.

Above. More Aztecs.

Above. Mohawks.

Above. Nice outfit.

Above. One day I hope to be a warrior.

Above. The big man.