Games 2009 8-Aug-09

090307lotr189ajsThere was a variety of games on display at our annual games day. This is where we display to the public. This year it was held onSaturday 8th August 2009. The day was very popular with over 200 people through the doors. Some came to look, others to join in the friendly wargames.

Battle for the Old Forest - Warhammer Fantasy Battles

The deep forest has been home to the wood elves almost since time began. The giant trees have been their homes and fortresses. The forest has been witness to many battles against their own kin, Dwarves, Men, Orcs and even Giants. But now has come an insidious foe; warping not only themselves but also the forest they live in.

The Wood Elves maintain magical lay lines to keep the insidious chaos taint at bay. Can the Wood Elves protect the rune stones that maintain the lay lines? This may be the last battle between the Wood Elves and their corrupted chaotic brethren the Dark Elves for control of the old forest.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles is a popular rule set for Fantasy 28mm wargaming; now in its 8th edition and celebrating over 30 years.Craig Wyton first unveiled this great display last year.

Display Case

Here is a display of some of the prize miniatures that members have assembled, modified and painted. These models show what can be done with a bit of practise and a bit of advice.

They cover historical, fantasy and science fiction. Look at the different painting techniques, including what is called non-metallic metals, where normal paints are used to simulate the effect of light on metal.

D-Day Landing at Sword Beach (Flames of War)

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The British 3rd Division goes for a beach holiday in France, but finds that the German 716th Infantry has already occupied most of the hotels.

A re-creation of the landing at Sword beach in 1944. See who ends up with the bookings at the local restaurants by the time night falls. Michael Goldyn heads up a star cast at this table.


Mordheim is a skirmish game set in the Warhammer Fantasy world, but around 500 years prior to the time of Warhammer Fantasy. The Empire is in civil war and many have come to the city of Mordheim to retrieve the precious stone from a comet which smashed into the city.

Warhammer 40K

The Balalti Campaign - using the Planetstrike rules which supplement the standard Warhammer 40K rules.
Beginning in 993.M35, the Emerald Scythes, together with the Burning Shadows and Ice Wolves retook Vail Prime and began the crusade against the Sisters of Corruption throughout the Balalti system.
Finally, into this dire situation were sent the Emerald Scythes, with their allies, attempting to prevent further gains by the Sisters. Talk to Steve White about Warhammer 40K.

Siwa Oasis - North Africa - World War 2

Battle of Siwa Oasis, North Africa, July 23rd 1942.

The British and Dominion forces have their backs to the wall. After their long, fighting withdrawal along the coast road they have drawn a line in the sand at El Alamein. A force has been hastily formed and trained, from veterans of Tobruk.

Rommel has sent an infantry company of Italian infantry, a company of Panzer Grenadiers and a platoon of Panzer III tanks to protect his southern flank at Siwa oasis. Ask Andrew, Chris, Paul or Kim all about this battle.

War of the Worlds

GASLIGHT (Glorious Adventures in Science Loosely Involving Generally Historical Times) lets you battle in the fantastic world of Victorian Science Fiction.

Following the defeat of the Martian Invasion of Earth the colonial powers have harnessed the new technology and have taken the battle to Mars itself. The Martians may be weakened by their defeat but they still possess terrible weaponry to fight back against the invaders and reclaim Mars again.

 Join in this game with Neil and Tom.

Battle of theAlamo

The Texians attempt to defend the Alamo against Santa Anna's army of Mexicans. This was a famous siege from the Texas war of Independence in 1836.

Using simple but effective rules, join in on either side for a fast play game. You can be Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie or lead the Mexican horde. The real battle was a hard fought affair - can you do better than the historical generals?

Greg Blake of Cannon Fodder Miniatures from Bendigo is once again our special guest.

Battle of Pelennor Fields - Lord of the Rings

Having fought through Osgiliath at last year's open day, the evil army of Sauron is flooding towards the mighty city of Minas Tirith. Hordes of Mumakil, horse lords of Rohan, defenders of Gondor, the Army of the Dead and the wicked Orcs of Mordor all join in this mighty battle.

See if you can find the Troll having a good old scratch. This game was being played using the War of the Ring rules for fighting epic battles in Middle Earth.

Chat to John, Brian, Travis and the gang about spectacular scenery and great game play in Middle Earth. See more Lord of the Rings on the club website at

Orcs and men from the east attacked Minas Tirith, with Trolls pushing the tall siege towers into place.

The attack onto the walls were making headway when the Rohan rode down from the hills to crash into the pack of Orcs.

The Rohan and Orcs fought across the Pelennor fields. The Orcs wer etaking huge casualties, but the Rohan were slowly dwindling in number.

The Rohan looked in horror as a wall of giant Mumakil rumbled forward, shaking the ground before their mighty charge.

Theoden was the target of the lead Mumakil. As they closed in on the decreasing number of Rohan.

The Army of the Dead, with Aragorn and the Grey Company, swept onto the field to fight the mighty Mumakil. However, they were not in time to rescue the brave king of the Riders. 

Legends of the Old West

Legends of the Old West is a skirmish game that allows players to recreate battles set in late 19th-century America. Players take control of a Posse of around 6 to 12 models and shoot it out in one of many scenarios.

The rules of Legends of the Old West are based on the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game, but with the addition of a useful campaign system. Players can choose from Cowboys, Outlaws, Indians, the 7th Cavalry and even Chinese Tong.

There are also Legends such as Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickock, Crazy Horse and George Custer that can join in. This display was run by Charles Tricker.


Crossing of the Bidassoa. By 1813 the French armies of Napoleon had been pushed mostly out of Spain. The British, Portuguese and Spanish were attempting to clear the Iberian peninsular, but Marshal Soult planned an attack through the Pyrenees to regain the upper hand.

Using Cold Steel version 7 rules developed by NWA members and 25mm Figures painted by Andrew and Tim. The Napoleonic section of NWA is large with several games usually running each meeting. Talk to Andrew, Tim and friends.

Advanced Squad Leader

Board game of the most detailed WW2 tactical simulation produced. Tactical level gaming using counters and map boards. Units are squads of 8 to 16 men along with the many support weapons & vehicles they would encounter.

Presented by Army Group South ASL Wargaming Group. They meet in the Ashburton Public Library at 154 High Street Ashburton on the last Friday of each month at 7pm. The group has experienced players & an active new member group. Contact Neil Andrews on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0408 499 009.


In the horrid decaying Underhive of Necromunda, gangs vie for notoriety: fighting each other to become the toughest gang in the 'Hive. A fast track to fame is the defeat of one of the living legends stalking the Underhive, often easier said than done.

See if you can spot some of the amazing items that have been hidden among the scenery, including a Zombie visiting the butcher's shop.

Ask Brendan and James all about Necromunda and their great scenery.

Epic: Armageddon

Epic: Armageddon is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It depicts battles between the various races of this universe using small scale miniatures (6mm high). Battles can be fought using larger forces than is possible with 28mm figures. A large battle means that giant war engines and Titans can be used. Epic: Armageddon is a game of strategic and tactical options set in a rich literary background. Ask Richard and Peter about Epic: Armageddon.

Helpers at Games 2009

Our annual open day is when you get to see and try out lots of fun and challenging wargames and talk to members about terrain making and painting. Games 2009 was organised by Linda Wyton with lots of help from John Shaw, Stephen White, Mark Moncrieff, Mark Chandler, Craig Wyton and a host of other NWA members.

We hope you enjoy it! Peace on Earth, War on the Table.