FOGN Army List and Label Generator

fogn_logo_small Download the free Army List and Label Generator program for Field of Glory Napoleonic. Written by NWA member John Shaw, this is a spreadsheet for Excel 2010 which has been endorsed by Slitherine Ltd.

It uses pull-down menus to easily choose the units you want in your FOGN army. The program automatically generates the points total for your army and the ACV (Army Combat Value) as per the rulebook.


FOGN Let's Talk About the Turn Sequence


The turn sequence for Field of Glory Napoleonics is straightforward, but it does have some subtle effects that make the game very interesting. To fully understand the turn sequence, please see the Field of Glory Napoleonic rulebook. But before you do that, click on "read more" for a discussion of some of the points of the turn sequence that make FOGN such an interesting game.