A selection of World War 2 battle reports from games played at NWA meetings or games played elsewhere by NWA members.

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1940 - Operation Sea Lion - Games 00

Operation Sea Lion, the hypothetical invasion of Great Britain was the focus for the World War 2 game on display at NWA's Games 2000; the club's annual public display day.


1941 - A Counter-attack Near Brody

"For the Motherland!"

Peter Stone has been running a World War 2 campaign set on the Eastern Front during the latter half of 2006, recreating Operation Barbarossa. This particular scenario recreates the late Summer counter-attack of Soviet 9th and 19th Mechanised Corps at the town of Brody, where German Army Group South had been experiencing slower progress forward than Group Centre or Group North (Stone, P 2006). 


1941 - Invasion of Crete

The invasion of Crete began on 20th May 1941. This game was played at a regular meeting at NWA of the Mitcham venue.


1943 - Russian Front - Games 97

Some pictures from the World War 2 game on display at NWA's Games 97; the club's annual public display day. This game was set in the Russian Front during 1943.


By 1943 the Russian Front was very fluid. Attacks and counter-attacks by both sides occurred as they vied for supremacy. By the end of 1943 the Russians were pushing back the German army almost everywhere.

These photos were taken at Games 97 by Stephen White and Chris Bridgland. 


1943 - Salerno - Against Great Odds

It was on a cool September morning in 1943, that the Allies began the riskiest amphibious operation of the entire Second World War. The landing craft approached a little known sea town south of Naples called Salerno. 

Read about the recreation of the Salerno landings which the World War 2 group put on for Games 2001. 


1944 - Meting Out Punishment - Romania

On Friday 17 August, Nick Pavlovski had arranged with Peter Stone to have a game of Panzerfaust Iron Fist outside the period and sequence of the Eastern Front campaign they had been playing over the last 12 months. Nick had been playing Russians for the whole time so, for a bit of variety, opted to try the Germans for this game.

As it eventuated, that wasn't the only bit of variety they were to experience for the game.


1944 - Attack Toward Stavelot

The following is a brief description of a game played in late 2000 involving NWA members.

On the 16th December 1944 the Wehrmacht launched Wacht am Rhein. One of the more famous element's of this operation was the part played by the units of the 1st SS Panzer Division.

The game depicted by these photos shows vehicles of the Kampfgruppe Hansen (1st SS Pz Gren Regt + 1st SS PzJg Abt). This Kampfgruppe was supported by Kampfgruppe Knittel (1st SS Pz Aukfl Abt).


1944 - Lorraine - Games 01

Lorraine in France was the setting for one of the two games on display for World War 2 at NWA's Games 01; the club's annual public display day.