090414wotr05bWar of the Ring is a new rule set from Games Workshop which allows you to fight the epic battles from the Lord of the Rings. Released in April 2009, this complements the popular skirmish rule set and allows players to show off their huge collection of figures in spectacular battles.

This rule set is totally new, not just a variation of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It is easy to learn, but is not simplistic and has many subtleties. It allows cavalry to act like cavalry and happily includes all the character stats in the one book. So no supplements to buy.


Suladin's Treasure Hunt

110521wotr07sSuladân was leading some men of Harad into the realm of Gondor in search of treasure. But several companies of the Gondorian army, from the capital city of Minas Tirith, were marching with Faramir to intercept them. Could the Haradrim recover the treasure first? And would the fierce warriors of Harad be able to withstand the trained companies of Gondor?

This nail biting battle from War of the Ring was played at NWA's Croydon venue on 21st May.



War of the Ring at Mitcham 29-Jan-10

Watchers of KarnaThe first meeting at Mitcham for the year was a roaring success. A great turnout with lots of different games being played. The venue renovations are complete, including a newly painted floor. And one of the best looking tables was a War of the Ring battle between Jeremy and Travis, continuing from where they left off at Cancon.


War of the Ring at Mitcham 24-Apr-09

090424wotr17aWar of the Ring battle report. Evil versus evil with Jeremy's Goblin force again in action, but this time against a force of Uruk-hai from Isengard.

Played on Friday night on 24th April at the Mitcham venue of the Nunawading Wargames Association. See whether Saruman or Sauron prevailed. 


Decorating Movement Trays for War of the Ring

090502wotrtrays89aMovement trays for War of the Ring can be enhanced with all sorts of decorative additions. This adds to the look of the army, particularly if the additions are themed to match the army.

Brian shows off his newly learned modelling skills, by creating trays specifically designed for his Army of the Dead. See some photos of his work in progress as he masters the art of shaping green stuff.


War of the Ring at Croydon 18-Apr-09

090418croydon35aWar of the Ring battle report. A force of Gondorians was returning from patrol on the northern part of their land, near the mountains. They were being stalked by a swarm of Goblins; hunting the men of Gondor on the edge of the ruins of an old Gondorian city. Played on Saturday 18th April at the Croydon venue of the Nunawading Wargames Association. See if the Goblin ambush worked. 


Gondor versus Men from the East 14-Apr-09

090414wotr01bThe men of Gondor stood ready to receive an attack from the combined forces of men from the east. Sauron had banded together Easterlings, Khandish and Haradrim in an attempt to weaken the men from Minas Tirith before a planned major onslaught.

War of the Ring is a recently released rule set by Games Workshop which is designed for fighting large battles with Lord of the Rings miniatures. This is a whole new set of rules and is well written.



War of the Ring at Croydon 4-Apr-09

090404croydon16aWar of the Ring made its debut at NWA on the day that the rule set was released for sale. Several members had been pre reading copies at Games Workshop stores to get a head start. A number of keen members had painted up many of the movement trays in the few weeks since their release so the rules could be tried out straight away. These photos show what a small version of the new game looked like at Croydon.