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Updated 4-Sep-08

CHEEZECON  -  During October 2008

Cheezecon is a bunch of fun one day tournaments for various games, especially suitable for beginners but still fun for the experienced players. What makes them different from other tournaments is simple - to win you need to be 4th place getter! This means that unlike most tournaments where arguments about rules are life and death to serious contenders in their quest to dominate, actually winning every game gets you pretty much nowhere! In fact we give bonus points to players for "exploiting" rules in fun ways. Hence we can proudly promote our tournaments with the following statement :

Even tournament games should be about fun rather than rules!

Click on the links below to download the Word documents with details about each event

Information Page General information about October, the month of Cheeze at NWA
Game Cheezy Name Date Venue Sponsor
Legends of the Old West The Good, the Bad, the Cheezy Saturday 11-Oct-08 Croydon  


Warhammer Fantasy Battles The Brie Saturday 11-Oct-08


Croydon Military Simulations
D&D Miniatures The Gorgonzola Friday 17-Oct-08 Mitcham Mind Bogglers


Hordes of the Things The HOTT Fondue Friday 17-Oct-08 Mitcham Eureka Miniatures


Magic the Gathering The Limburger Saturday 18-Oct-08


Warhammer 40K Warhammer 40K Saturday 25-Oct-08 Croydon  


Warmachine and Hordes The Munster Saturday 25-Oct-08 Croydon Military Simulations


Lord of the Rings Lord of the Cheeze Rings (Return of the Cottage Cheese) Friday 31-Oct-08 Mitcham Military Simulations


Necromunda The Roquefort Friday 31-Oct-08 Mitcham Mind Games of Melbourne


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